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nachtbraker-pollo con pollo ep (heist)

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nachtbraker: pollo con pollo

Maurits Verwoerd, aka Nachtbraker presents Pollo Con Pollo EP. "Gotta Act To React" drives on a saturated bassline, a hypnotizing guitar lick, loose hi-hats and hard-to-place filtered hits. "Pollo Con Pollo" is potentially Maurits' most clear attempt at a straight-forward groove, with a lovely dreamy guitar loop running throughout the track. There are two versions of "Intermezz(l)ow" on the B-side, the one being a lovely textured interlude and the other a rough drum workout built around the same theme. Maurits remixes himself, with a great dubbed out acid-tinged flip of "Gotta Act To React".

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