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nachthexen-s/t 10 (harbinger sound)

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nachthexen: s/t

Nachthexen are a band -- possibly a coven -- from Sheffield, making fresh, fiery, and eminently danceable synth punk. This record follows on and includes re-released songs from their cassette The Other (2015) and self-titled 7" (2016). With themes of social anxiety and isolation, feminist protest, and sanctuary in sisterhood, Nacthexen's sound involves outsider occultist eeriness with classic punk ferocity and '80s post-punk and new wave catchiness. Reminiscent, at times, of Goblin, Gary Numan, and Siekiera, it also recalls the punchy attitude and hooks of women pushing punk forward in the late '70s and '80s, think Kleenex or Suicide Squad.

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