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n.a.d.-dawn of a new age 2lp (rush hour)

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n.a.d.: dawn of a new age

Essential 1990 UK techno/electronics album, repressed in its full 2LP glory, plus the additional unreleased track "Infititesimal." Also includes "Distant Drummer," which was released as a 12" back in the day. Originally released by Tony Thorpe's short-lived house label BPM Records in 1990, Dawn of a New Age was on sale for little more than a week before it vanished from record store shelves, the victim of Rough Trade Distribution's demise. BPM folded shortly after, consigning N.A.D.'s first and only album to the annals of history as a little-known and little-heard obscurity. The misfortune that beset the project denied listeners more material from its hitherto unheralded creator, an English producer called Mustafa Ali. Before recording The Dawn of a New Age, he had created an early UK house classic, 1988's "Close Jack Encounter," as L.E Bass. Thorpe saw potential in Ali, and included his "Distant Drums" -- now regarded as one of the first examples of British deep house of the period -- on his House Factor compilation. Thorpe then had another idea. He asked Ali if he fancied recording an entire album in a week. Ali agreed, offering to record a concept album inspired by two of his greatest passions: science fiction and his Islamic faith. The producer was as good as his word, and produced the stunning Dawn of a New Age, full of audible references to both, in seven days. Twenty-four years after it was created, N.A.D's forgotten debut album has become something of a "must-have" for electronic music collectors. Mint copies fetch upwards of 70 Euros on the second-hand market. Now, a whole new generation of house music lovers will get a chance to explore its intoxicating blend of melodic deepness and electronic futurism, thanks to a timely reissue on Rush Hour.

N.A.D. (new age dance) - Dawn Of A New Age

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