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nakion-oh ah! cd (tigersushi)

Price: $16.99


This is Nakion's first official album, but the young Korean spent many years recording songs in her home-studio and eventually released a homemade CD of some of her early works in her home country. As you will hear, this is not music for the faint-hearted. Nakion's music is intense and takes you on a wild ride through strange melodies and chaotic beats, mad peaks and sudden silence. Making music, for Nakion, was a way to overcome the limitations she felt in painting, her first main artistic form of expression. With keyboards and a drum machine, she could express even more exaggerated and extreme feelings then she was able to with paint-brushes. She has made all her music alone with a very minimalistic set-up, just a computer and a few synths. The result recalls electronic music from artists such as Yellow Magic Orchestra, Art Of Noise, or even Aphex Twin and the dark romanticism of early '80s synth music, new wave and industrial. As Nakion says, "I like humor. I like funny things, chaotic energy and loud noises versus serenity, strange-looking people, extreme personalities, street kids, mean-looking punks, cliquey crowds, '80s manga, juvenile naivety and rawness." Nakion doesn't like labels; those sticky things, which unfortunately most people need to help understand complex things. For some artists, labeling is the end of freedom, and Nakion is one of those artists. So you, the listener, will have to do the work and find your own way through Oh Ah!.

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