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nathan jonson-space between breath 12 (skrufix)

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nathan jonson: space between breath

Following a return to form with stellar releases last year from Things With Wings with some Nigerian inspired beats, our 2-Step King, The Crane and an extremely well received release from new boy, Skwirl, we continue with quality production levels and one hell of a release from Nathan Jonson. After a successful decade of releasing music under the Hrdvsion alias (Wagon Repair / Sound Pellegrino / Planet Mu), 2015 saw Nathan reach a turning point in his musical career and re-launch with a new direction under his birth name. The Jonson family are clearly one of good musical stock; his brother is the formidable Matthew Jonson and Nathan has recently released on 20:20 Vision as well as his brother’s new Freedom Engine label, among others. We are therefore more than a little bit chuffed to get him on-board for this new EP, ‘Space Between Breath’. The release kicks off with the title track ‘Space Between Breath’, an ideal opener that builds into a lush, intricate Techno track accompanied by bouncy synth sounds. Label regular, The Crane brings his usual 2-Step talent to rework the first track exceptionally. On the flipside, things kick off with a darker feel and acid sounding synth lines on ‘The Transfer’, followed by a fine finale in the trippy and chugging sound of ‘I’m All We Got.’ It’s quite the release all round to be honest! And we’re very excited to finally get this one out there. Look out for more excellence to come later in the year as label regulars, Turtlez and Skwirl prep new EPs, alongside some surprising new additions along the way!

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