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nebraska-stand your ground 12 (mister saturday night)

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nebraska: stand your ground

In 2011 Nebraska released an album called Displacement. Every one of the tracks have been aired on the Mister sound system, and at least three of them have become anthems for the party. About a year ago, we started to wonder, "Where is this Nebraska guy?" He hadn't released any new music since the LP. We searched high and low an found his contact. When we got in touch, he responded by paying us a visit, bringing us a couple pieces of vinyl (one of which made its way onto Eamon and Justin's Weekends and Beginnings Mix) and, thankfully, sending us a steady stream of unreleased music. A couple of those songs have become regular dance floor contenders, and we're very happy to say now that we've cut them to wax, and we're officially welcoming Nebraska into the Mister Saturday Night family.

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