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necro deathmort-ep2 lp (distraction)

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necro deathmort: ep2

Necro Deathmort follow up from 2013's EP1 12" with EP2 on Distraction Records. EP2 features (but isn't limited to) a sluggish dark groove, HUGE crashing drums drenched in echo, windswept, creepy as hell, eerie synth, degenerating into yer classic riffing, abstract, pummeling DOOM, glitchy stuttering loops and fuzzed-out electrodoom poundage, epic, imposing, startling and all-round just raw and heavy as fuck 16rpm black metal, desolate sirens, fucked layers of electronic drone, and a sorrowful, John Carpenter-style drum pounder that climaxes into a bleak nothingness. For optimal enjoyment, this vinyl should be played at high volume on a sound system capable of reproducing extremely low frequencies.

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