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nene hatun-metacommunication ep (bedouin)

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nene hatun: metacommunication

ltd stock. Bestie Aydin under the name Nene Hatun: a Turkish Berliner, crossing 'psychedelic-anatolian techno-pop' and 'dark drone wave music'. Field recordings and samples -- choral chants in church, du'a' from a mosque, small girls singing in the street -- are layered with a piano prepared by placing various metals on the strings, and played by plucking or striking, often in the traditional rhythms of darbuka and davul. 'The A-Side is more classical in its form,' says Bestie, 'but the ideas are more unnoticeable. It's more technical, with a lot of small details and samples. The B-Side on the other hand is more obvious in ideas but the form is obscure, with my approach just to play on the gear and make something impulsive, and analyze after.'

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