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(new england) patriots/palberta-special worship lp (feeding tube)

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(new england) patriots/palberta: special worship

"Released to coincide with a tour shared by these two monsters of the uncharted North, Special Worship is only the second vinyl dab by Boston's (NE) Pats, and the first wax by the Hudson Valley's Palberta. The (NE) Pats revel in squealing feedback, raunchy spuzz-riffs, and mutable vocals that make me think of a cross between the Cows and some weird Texas just-pre-core punk bands whose names I can't recall. Rough, woozy and powerful, even though the trio sports no bassist, the (NE) Pats (who previously shared a split with Skimask) are headed straight for the lips of the vom/munge tornado. And you're invited! On their side, Palberta display a different grasp on trio dynamism. They take the primitive, rumpus-room antic-punk of their cassette [reissued on vinyl as FTR 168LP] and plow it straight into a mound of no-wave snot. The results are drippy, off-center, and bizarrely attractive. By the time they start their nursery-rhyme collage they recall such form-destroyers as Aunt Sally and even Arthur Doyle (check out his killer take on 'Are You Sleeping' from The Songwriter). Heard together, these youngsters swing like motherfuckers. Should be a fine tour." --Byron Coley, 2014. edition of 250

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