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nick araguay-keep dreamin the same dream ep (shall not fade)

Price: $13.99


nick araguay: keep dreamin the same dream

The mysterious nick araguay joins the Shall Not Fade family with his dreamy, synth heavy ‘Keep Dreamin Tha Same Dream’ EP. Nick Araguay, the mysterious, faceless producer from SE15 first came onto the scene in 2016 with a four track EP on ‘Peur Bleue Records’. Since his initial output, Nick has been lurking in the shadows, waiting for the perfect time to reappear. His second release is most certainly worth the wait, five killer tracks which are sure to turn heads. His productions blend moody synths, ambient soundscapes, gritty rhythm patterns and eerie vocals, which when combined create a unique and original brand of electronic music. The five track EP features dreamy pads, unique drum sequences and chilling vocals throughout.

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