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nina kraviz-pittman & urban tribe remixes 12 (rekids)

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nina kraviz: pittman & urban tribe remixes

Rekids have teamed up with Detroit’s Fit Distribution and enlisted the services of motor city locals Marcellus Pittman and Urban Tribe to put the 313 sound on ‘Working’ and ‘Taxi Talk’. On the former, Marcellus Pittman lays down his trademark blend of mechanical yet jerky old-skool drum machine rhythms and disorientingly dissonant, tripped-out synth chords – creating a somewhat eerie atmosphere that evokes images of Detroit’s manufacturing plants of yesteryear. On the flipside, Urban Tribe transform ‘Taxi Talk’ into a big room monster, using rumbling synth bass, electronic bleeps and laser gun snares to transport us back in time to a dark and hazy 90s warehouse rave.

working (marcellus pittman remix):

taxi talk (urban tribe don't like to nina remix):

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