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nite jewel-good evening expanded edition cd (secretly canadian)

Price: $13.99


nite jewel: good evening expanded edition

Occupying the twilit space between Ariel Pink’s lo-fi avant pop and the codeine beats of Chromatics, Nite Jewel's debut album, Good Evening, brought a glorious new slant to the golden age of disco and became an after-hours go to from the record shelf. Recorded when Ramona Gonzalez was still a college student, Good Evening was originally released on Gloriette Records in 2008. The album is dance music on an intimate scale, drawing inspiration from Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam and Arthur Russell, filtered through a lo-fi recording process. Out of print on vinyl for several years, the reissue will include two bonus tracks, a cover of Can forebear Inner Space's "The Kamera Song" and a D?M-FunK remix of original track "What Did He Say." The updated reissue packaging also includes Gonzalez's art, poetry and lyrics from the time period.

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