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noo-optimo music disco plate five 12 (optimo music)

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noo: optimo music disco plate five

Noo (Daze Dasen aka Plastique de Rêve and Sami Liuski aka Bangkok Impact of Putsch '79) return with their third 12". "Kabuki" is based on classical Kabuki and Noh drama, blending taiko drums and mystical flutes with futuristic synths and crazy TV samples. "Super Mario" is a tribute to Nintendo video games, science fiction, the films of Studio Ghibli, and the geniuses behind the electro-disco-pop of the one and only Yellow Magic Orchestra. "Rainbow Road" uses sounds from the previous track for beatless waves of glittering synths and lonely vocoders -- the perfect soundtrack for the mind-bending final Mario Kart course.

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