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norin-bakom planteringen lp (posh isolation)

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norin: bakom planteringen

Hannes Norrvide, best known as the frontman of acclaimed synth trio Lust For Youth, presents the debut of his Norin solo project. Norin is far removed from the refined rave anthems of Lust For Youth, yet still one can sense that Båkom Planteringen takes place under searching club lights, in a weightless mind state. While the five tracks on Norin's debut utilize a techno sound pallet, the nauseating arpeggios and obscure, tape-treated voices are not likely to fill dancefloors. There is a desperation in the music not unlike the desperation of hearing one's heartbeat in one's ears after too many hours under strobe lights. Despite the motorik propulsion across much of Båkom Planteringen it mostly registers as a kind of slow-motion anxiety in full resolution. This is the sound of ODing in the chill-out room.

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