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oasis pyramid-tracking ep (four triangles)

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oasis pyramid: tracking

There’s not much we can tell you about analogue adventurer Oasis Pyramid. This 12” not only marks his debut under the alias, but also the first outing from Four Triangles, a brand new label from fellow electronic explorer ASOK. Oasis Pyramid deals primarily in rough-round-the-edges rhythms and intoxicating electronics. It’s testament to his hardware-manipulating skills that these two unifying themes manifest themselves in contrasting ways over the course of a quietly impressive debut outing. Compare, for example, the chunkiness of the swinging drum hits and intergalactic pulses of “Hydra”, and the poignant late night melancholy of opener “Tracking”, where ascending melodies and wayward electronics combine to create a near psychedelic mood. Or, for that matter, the industrial-inspired drum distortion and mutant motifs of “709”, and the deep and trippy hypnotism of “Prism”, where locked-in percussion hits and ghostly riffs are smothered in crackling, modular noise. It’s a fittingly fine first release from Four Triangles, a label founded to showcase the work of previously unheralded artists working in the space between house, techno and vintage rave. Expect more hard-to-define, dusty, rhythmical electronica in the future.

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