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obnox-rojo lp (permanent)

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obnox: rojo

way back in nov of 2010 bim thomas asked me who he should contact regarding his upcoming 'i'm bleeding now' album in hopes of finding a label. i suggested de stijl, s.s. records, maybe a few others. why didn't i think of permanent at the time? chalk it up to a quick email response i guess. anyhow, here we have the second obnox full length and it rips from start to finish, much like the debut. furthermore, having heard some previews, i think i like this even more. do the artist a favor and pick up a copy. i've been around cleveland long enough and i'm sure it's like any other insular city with people saying one thing & doing another. who are the real obnox fans? 

Obnox- Kristy Greene

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