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ogoya nengo & the dodo women's group-on mande versions 12 (tal)

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ogoya nengo & the dodo women's group: on mande versions

Four enthusiastic remix versions from four European electronic producers who revisit On Mande, the latest album by Kenyan vocalists Ogoya Nengo And The Dodo Women's Group. For the "Orutu Run" version, Lena Willikens takes individual sound samples from different songs of the album. "Mix Zwei" by Tolouse Low Trax is an intensely sparse signature mix - growing drum beats reflect the lovely sung vocal line. "Sorbe Pekingese" by Don't DJ is an unrelenting excursion on digitally pitched vocal samples. "Bunde Dub" by Berlin based producer Orson takes some complex Ohangla drum patterns to tight and powerful effect.

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