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ohama-the potato farm tapes lp (minimal wave)

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ohama: the potato farm tapes

Canadian musician Tona Ohama was first featured on the Found Tapes compilation (2007) with 'T.V.' and then on The Minimal Wave Tapes: Volume 1 (2010) with 'My Time (Demo)' and most recently on The Minimal Wave Tapes: Volume 2 (2012) with 'The Drum,' which was also selected and edited by J. Rocc. The Potato Farm Tapes is an album of his early output, featuring some songs from his first cassette entitled Midnite News (1982) and other rare tracks that only have only appeared on compilations thus far. We're happy to be able to cull together the very best of these early tracks and release them cohesively as an album. Pressed on 180 gram clear red vinyl accompanied by an in depth Ohama interview by Brandon Hocura printed on the inner sleeve. Limited to 999 hand-numbered copies.

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