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ohm & octal industries-maoss ep (taped artifact)

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ohm & octal industries: maoss

Kevin Arnemann and Daan Kemp's Taped Artifact record label preps its first release of 2017. Following the label's various artists compilation (2016), the Amsterdam based imprint welcomes two pioneers within the Icelandic techno scene: Ohm and Octal Industries. Ohm earned his stripes through his collaborations with Exos in the early '00s, whilst Octal Industries is a much-respected artist within the IDM scene under his Ruxpin alias. With the highly dub-influenced Maoss EP, the Icelandic duo follows up their recent appearance on Thule Records. The four-tracker features highly textured, rhythmic, and classic-rooted dub techno, showcasing the iconic Icelandic aesthetic.

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