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othon-silky hands of rough piano boy cassette (tapeworm)

Price: $9.99


Just before releasing Impermanence, his long-awaited second album, Othon has come up with an unexpected limited edition tape release. As the title suggests, Silky Hands Of A Rough Piano Boy centers on Othon's life-long companion, the piano. On the A-side, Othon returns to his soloist roots performing his new work "Behind The Veil Behold The Liquid Light!," together with two gems by Chopin ("Étude Op. 25, No.1") and Mendelssohn ("Venetian Gondola Song No.1" in G minor from "Songs Without Words"). On the B-Side, Othon is releasing for the first time two of his oldest and most adventurous songs to date. "Kali Dances" and "Digital Angel 000" were both recorded live as part of the composer's final recital at Blackheath Halls while still studying at London's Trinity College of Music, back in 2006. "Digital Angel 000," though not included on Othon's debut album Digital Angel, was originally one of the first songs written for the eponymous song cycle. Cover features linocuts by Dale Cornish. 200 copies only.

Track Listing: A1. Behind The Veil Behold The Liquid Light! A2. Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy - Songs Without Words, Op. 19, No. 6/Venetian Gondola Song A3. Frédéric Chopin - Étude Op. 25, No.1 In A-Flat Major/Aeolian Harp B1. Kali Dances B2. Digital Angel 000

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