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overhang party-complete studio recordings 4cd (important)

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overhang party: complete studio recordings

The Complete Studio Recordings of Overhang Party includes each of their studio albums (each with a bonus track) and their unreleased final recording sessions. While this four CD set is sure to please aficionados of Japanese underground rock , the biggest surprise will be for the uninitiated who can finally confront the groups emotional depth and stylistic breadth head on. Japan's Overhang Party were always one of their country's most interesting, multifaceted, and imaginative musical units, able to weave crawling rhythms and blown out psych feedback into full on rock anthems. Absolutely essential listening for fans of LSD March, Miminokoto, Les Rallizes Denudes, Damon & Naomi/G500, Ghost, PSF/Tokyo Flashback, and Japanese underground rock.

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