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oxtirn-live cd (rel)

Price: $14.99


Oxtirn live documents a performance in New York City, by the new trio Of Geoff Mullen, Ashley Paul and Eli Keszler. Following a score by Keszler, the group performs on an array of instruments, using three guitars, drums, voice, auto-motorized harps, tenor harp, bass harp, microphones, clarinet, alto saxophone, crotales, drums and cymbals. The music drifts in a unique way between a wide variety of sounds, from incredible density of clattering metal textures and string attacks, wall of sound guitars, mechanical music, high pitched saxophone bends and an oddly dim shimmering high harmonic sound. All creating together, a harsh, jagged and angular wash of ricocheting materials. In other sections, metal and vibrating strings, crotales and horns create a calmer and high contrast atmosphere. In the end, the music evolves into an area of sustained sound, space and sparse gesture, featuring one of Ashley Paul's songs and vocals, where the music takes on a new formation, leaving the listener with a question mark, and in some way is a new form of intuitive song. The recording itself is a low-fi document with a spacious, raw and aggressive timbre to it, adding to the all ready unique feel of the music. The packaging is intricately designed with a multi-color silk screen, based on a drawing by Eli Keszler. The CD itself is housed in a multi panel, fold-out, metallic paper print with pictures from the concert and excerpts from the Oxtirn score, with gold stamping on the outside of the metallic paper

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