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packed rich-ilian beat tape lp (ilian beat tape)

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packed rich: ilian beat tape

ltd stock. Alexis Boettcher aka Packed Rich's musical style is heavily influenced by Pete Rock, DJ Premiere and J Dilla, and won him two beat battles in a row in his hometown of Munich. Utilising the MPC 1000 and some great skills on the piano, he brings an overall organic sound to his style of hip-hop production on Ilian Beat Tape, which is an interesting release to come from the usually techno oriented label by The Zenker Brothers. From the sunny urban vibes of 'Golden', to the contemplative beats of "Changing" (feat Polygonia - part 1) and the blunted mood music heard on tracks like 'Mochi' and 'Momo' - Boettcher proves he certainly has skills.

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