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paco sala - ro-me-ro lp (digitalis)

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paco sala: ro-me-ro

Paco Sala first came to fruition sometime in 2011 as producer Antony Harrison began developing a totally different side to his usual musical explorations as Konntinent. Following up a debut cassette, Radial Sundown, that introduced Paco Sala as a new solo vehicle for Harrison's love of hip-hop, Italo-disco, & synth-infused pop music, Harrison joined forces with vocalist Leyli -- and everything changed. Leyli's voice became the perfect vehicle for Harrison's squashed productions, adding an elegance and airiness to his dark, introspective tropes. This is most evident on the show-stopper, "Spiral" -- Leyli's vocal is divine, streaming skyward as it twists into endless, delicate shapes, with a hypnotic beat and Tropicália-infused loops acting as the perfect backdrop. Leyli slowly takes over the album's first single, "Gifts Of The Bloom," with layer-upon-layer of wordless murmurs. Along with B-side opener, "Tre's Future First," they show off Paco Sala's Italo influence with stunted beats and catchy, yet minimal synths. It's the vocals, though, that continually push Ro-Me-Ro to another level. Ro-Me-Ro is as striking a debut as any on the esteemed Digitalis label over the last few years, tapping into that emotional, sparkling intersection where followers of Nite Jewel, Chromatics, Not Not Fun and Julee Cruise will find much comfort. Original art by Marie-Pascale Hardy. Mastered by Brad Rose and cut to vinyl by Rashad Becker at Dubplates + Mastering, Berlin. Limited to 500 copies only.

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