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pangaea-release 2p (hessle audio)

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pangaea: release

Pangaea's music has expanded to reflect the growing diversity of dance floors, reaching outward to integrate jungle, hardcore, techno and house into its rhythmic axis. The result is an incendiary hybrid form rooted in UK hardcore traditions, where ruffneck MC chatter, static-addled voices, and sinewy melodies slip in and out of earshot like ghosts channeled from raves past. These base materials are put to a variety of different uses across Release's length. Foremost among them is a swung and sub-heavy vision of UK techno, informed by a love of pirate radio and soundsystem music. So instead of remaining locked to a four-to-the-floor pulse, rhythms are splayed outwards into vortices - swirling assemblages of kicks, woodblocks and shrapnel that weave in and around one another.

Pangaea - Release [HES023]

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