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partok matushka apfelberg-nai nai 12 (kompakt)

Price: $13.99


partok matushka apfelberg: nai nai

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, the DJ/producer trio Partok Matushka Apfelberg is a well-known entity in its hometown, with the members holding residencies at The Block, which BBC Radio 1 named "one of the five best sound systems in the world." The slick, propulsive techno of Nai Nai begins with the title-track, which bum-rushes the stage with prowess, inflecting its bass-heavy demeanor with some funky cut-up voice-work that will conciliate the hardcore floor heads with the more casual headbangers. "Station" is a relaxed, somewhat introspective belter, which gives its epic synth pads room to breathe without sabotaging its percussive agency.

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