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patrice scott-excursions 12 (sistrum)

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patrice scott: excursions

ltd repress. The Excursions EP sees the further extension of the Sistrum sound, as Patrice continues to represent the modern soul of Detroit with raw grooves, understated textures and sublime melodies. "Excursions" presents a marching rhythm section framed by metallic textures and vintage synth strings, as analog blips merge into the groove. Call it modern acid house, call it deep techno – either way, this is the real deal. Keeping things deep for the floor, “Callistro” is a hypnotic piece that chugs along with a firm kick and lush synth stabs. Subtle percussive bits and rhythmic synth pulses fluctuate throughout the warm atmosphere of this cut, making this a sure fire late night burner. "Excursions Reprise" is a gorgeous, beatless version of “Excursions” featuring a palette of warm and intriguing



excursions (reprise):

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