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patricia-body issues lp (black opal)

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patricia: body issues

First released on Opal Tapes, Patricia's Body Issues seemed a natural pick for reissue and wax upgrade with the inauguration of Black Opal. Its six tracks swing with a dark energy that showcases the rhapsodic gravitational pull of house music in even the most blackened and cloudy specimens. Gossamer sheets and bleeding pads of degenerating ambience coalesce with fine white noise and quilted kicks to bless-it-out and ultimately engulf the body inwards in ferrous dreams. Repetition turns to hypnosis, and as "Waiting for Alexis" staggers and flanges on its path like one of Villalobos' weird K tracks, and "Melting" and "Josephine" drip acid through the haze daze, material reality becomes that bit more viscid. The soundtrack is of milk and honey and weed and rot, each groove a dark fantasy coated in the dust of the building that just fell down next door.

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