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people like us-early radio works vol 1 cs (sucata tapes)

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people like us: early radio works vol 1

Vicki Bennett's People Like Us began life as a three-hour radio show on Brighton's Festival Radio in 1990 called Gobstopper. She went on to release around 20 solo albums based on her radio sound collages, and after a decade working primarily with sound, has increasingly worked with film and images. She has recently produced collage and multi-screen, multi-speaker work, including 2013's touring film and performance piece Notations, a film used as a score for improvising musicians, and Gone, Gone Beyond (2017), a ten-screen, eight-speaker, immersive cinema work for Recombinant Media Lab's Cinechamber. Bennett is also the host of long-running radio show DO or DIY on WFMU. Early Radio Works Vol.1 is a re-compiled re-issue of her early radio collages from the '90s and early 2000s, originally first broadcast on the radio then released on CD and vinyl. The set is an enlightened insight into Vicki's early radio collage work and a perfect addition to the People Like Us work cannon. Side A is a new collage created from People Like Us radio works from between 1992-1999. Originally released on Lowest Common Dominator (1994), Jumble Massive (1996), Beware The Whim Reaper (1996), Lassie House (1997), Thermos Explorer (2000), and A Fistful Of Knuckles (2000). Side B is from Guide To Broadcasting (1994) and Thermos Explorer (2000).

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