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perc-wicker & steel cd (perc trax)

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perc: wicker & steel

ltd edition repress of perc's debut album on perc trax. packaged in a deluxe metal tin with 4-page booklet/foam insert. Wicker & Steel is shining all over with the uncompromising, unique Perc Sound. Wether you got to know him via his Stroboscopic Artefacts, CLR, Ovum or Kompakt output, or the 50+ Vinyl releases on Perc Trax - he's got his very own thing going on. Fusing Birmingham & Berlin Techno, Industrial percussions with early UK hardcore / jungle, he warps almost all aspects of UK underground music into a vision infused with UK / Hammer Horror films. Proven point: he's got way more to offer than standout club tracks on this debut Album !

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