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peter king-african dialects lp (secret stash)

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peter king: african dialects

The 1970s saw a seemingly endless amount of funky music coming from Nigeria, but very few recordings were as masterfully crafted or skillfully executed as the music of Peter King. In particular, African Dialects delivers raw emotion via relentless grooves and unique melodies culled from years of playing many styles in pubs around the globe. In 1971 Peter King returned to London and recorded a string of popular records ranging from highlife to contemporary jazz. In 1979, he recorded one last record, African Dialects, before moving back to Nigeria later that year. The record is a heavy blend of afrobeat, afrofunk, and Caribbean sounds. After the record was complete, King gave a sub-master and the album art slick to Plastic Fantastic Records to release. Unfortunately, they never released the record. Soon after Peter's return to Nigeria the record was released on the newly formed (and short lived) Grandstar Records. In early 2012 Secret Stash Records recovered the original art slick and master intended for release in London. This reissue is a recreation of how the album was originally intended to be released (as opposed to the alternate version put out by Grandstar)." Includes liner notes & photos, plus free download

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