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pfirter-procyon 12 (mindtrip)

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pfirter: procyon

Three strong, synth-orientated dancefloor tracks from label boss Pfirter and a remix by Tensal. The frenetic, dark, atmospheric, and intense "Procyon," with its driving percussive flow, is guaranteed to send whoever hears it into a feverish delirium. "Rige" is more subtle and deep, working a relentless groove alongside colorful, metallic textures. Tensal (Exium) remixes "Procyon" superbly and demonstrates his innate ability to craft interesting and fresh-sounding techno. "Closer to the Truth" is a hypnotic, trippy outing in which tension and energy build relentlessly amid a backdrop of organic analog hubbub, providing a perfect showcase for Pfirter's trademark sound.

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