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p.god-ecliptic plane 12 (komisch)

Price: $13.99


p.god: ecliptic plane

Komisch calls again on Italian producer P.God, prince of dark techno, for another atmospheric release. Lead track "Winter Solstice" achieves the rare feat of blending atmospherics with functionality, as a dark, prowling groove builds up, its pummeling primal drums, dry hats, and fatty bass providing the backing for an eerie synth sequence that swirls through the arrangement. "Ecliptic" is more esoteric, with Dioguardi conjuring up dreamy pads that ride a hypnotic, tripped-out groove, but the Italian artist's slick arranging and subtle percussive ticks ensure that things don't get too deep. Finally, there's "Module 1," which highlights a different side to P.God. Gone are the synths, replaced by stomping drums, doubled up claps and sleek metallic snares that are full of the malicious intent of an assassin's blade.

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