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phase fatale-anubis 12 (unterton)

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phase fatale: anubis

Berlin-based New Yorker Phase Fatale debuts on Unterton with Anubis. "Hollow Flesh" starts with an oppressive, regimented beat sequence reminiscent of angst-ridden, sci-fi scenarios. "Anubis" opens with an atmospheric intro until a kick sets the tone for a more straightforward, hypnotic, and cold techno cut -- heady and gloomy. "Wound" ignites some harassing fire: what abruptly starts off like a classic techno-meets-sizzling-noise track soon alters to a more tribal, snare-led industrial cut. "The Size Of God" stands out with a more introverted, slow, broken rhythm structure, looped drones, opaque-distorted voice transmissions, and swelling synth melodies.

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