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phase-tunnel vision 12 (token)

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phase: tunnel vision

London-based Ashley Burchett aka Ø [Phase] follows an impressive slew of EPs and his meticulously crafted debut LP Frames of Reference, all released via Token, with Tunnel Vision/Internal Conflict. "Tunnel Vision" surges forward with pummeling low-end and jagged percussion, operates at whirlwind speeds -- the combination of Burchett's twirling, ethereal chords and steadily intensifying percussive work is almost overwhelming. On "Internal Conflict (Acts 1-3)," reverberating drum machines cut sharply alongside the incessant stomp of 4/4 kicks, a tortured acid-riff chugging forward relentlessly. This is techno for the small hours -- frantically paced, disorientating, and charged with adrenaline.

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