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philip corner/michel vogel/phoebe neville-musiques des ailes lp (ricerca sonora)

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philip corner, michel vogel, phoebe neville: musiques des ailes

A fantastic collaboration/improvisation between Philip Corner, Michel Vogel and Phoebe Neville. Phoebe Neville is musician, singer, and dancer; Philip Corner a composer, musician, and former professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Michel Vogel is a musician and maker of instruments, principally percussion (gongs and bells). He has for this occasion installed a double frame for eight steel bells inspired by a Burmese model. In the context of 'Archipel' the three present a performance in four parts. This limited release is titled Musiques des Ailes/Wingèd Music, and was recorded in Paris, in June 1999 at the 'Archipel' (the atelier of French artist Polska). Philip Corner and Michel Vogel play while Phoebe Neville dances and plays the sound sculptures (bells and gongs) made by Michel Vogel. The original model for these bells is a flat piece of bronze or copper placed in the doorway of the Kachins or Mungs of Burma, now realized with today's metals by Michel Vogel. These recordings document their experimentation with the resonant properties of metals. 'Musiques des Ailes' is a beautiful album of improvisations: drones, silences and minimal vibrating music that going into an unheard territory. Metallic resonances, obscure low frequencies, pure vibrating sonorities: 'Wingèd Music!

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