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piero piccioni-una tomba aperta... una bara vuota lp (sub ost)

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piero piccioni: una tomba aperta... una bara vuota

A stunning Piero Piccioni score for the soundtrack of the homonymous film released in 1972 and directed by Al Bagram (a pseudonym used by Spanish filmmaker and screenwriter Alfonso Balcázar). Jazz-noir numbers and disturbing chamber arrangements enforce the dark atmosphere of the film, a Gothic film that transcended the Italian giallo tradition (which was actually an Italian-Spanish co-production). The themes created by the maestro for this metaphysical horror bring to light a disturbing classicism, wrapping the listener in a gloomy, often nightmarish, horizon. One of the most sought after soundtracks by Piero Piccioni, made available for the first time on vinyl by Sub Ost. color vinyl edition.

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