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piezo-steady can't steady can't stay ep (wisdom teeth)

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piezo: steady can't steady can't stay

Piezo lands on Wisdom Teeth with a four-track EP of head-turning club bangers. Through recent releases on Idle Hands, StabUdown, Version, and his own label, Ansia, Piezo has been developing a sound that marries dancefloor heft and precision sound design with qualities more rarely found in dance music: fun, humor, eccentricity. His music is functional yet full of quirks, aligning him with fellow club curveballers like Joe, Untold, and Pangaea. Steady Can't Steady Can't Stay is the producer's most accomplished and varied body of work to date, spanning humid, loopy house ("Waco"), melodic crystalline half-step ("A Touch Of"), cartoony UK techno ("Steady Can't Steady"), and pillowy down-tempo ("Ambra").

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