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pinkcourtesyphone-taking into account only a portion of your emotions cd (editions mego)

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pinkcourtesyphone: taking into account only a portion of your emotions

Pinkcourtesyphone, the ongoing project by Los Angeles-based sound artist Richard Chartier (b.1971), sends a new coded message of sumptuous distant drones and glacial orchestral heart-rendings. Poised and polished - slow motion pulsations tug at your emotions (but only a portion of them). For those listeners desirous of the output of The Caretaker, Angelo Badalamenti, William Basinski, and other such dark wistful wonderment. Pinkcourtesyphone is dark but not arch, with a slight hint of humor - amorphous, changing, and slipping in and out of consciousness, operating like a syrup-y dream, striving to be both elegant and detached. Please don't hang up. This call is important. You're coming with Pinkcourtesyphone? Leave everything? It's getting late. Formed from places, plastics, and particulars between 2014-2016. Mastered at D&M, Berlin, September 2016. Design by Richard Chartier.

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