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planetary assault systems-deep heet vol 3 12 (mote evolver)

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planetary assault systems: deep heet vol 3

Planetary Assault Systems presents Deep Heet Volume 3, the third installment of one of Luke Slater's most seminal series on Mote-Evolver, carrying on in the spirit of intergalactic exploration. Inspired by the Mayan god of drums and the earth, "Voltan" is underpinned by primal desires. "Pygar's" futuristic sound palette is utterly hypnotic. Loops are layered insistently and a disorienting soundscape emerges. "Turn" is the stuff of industrial nightmares and "Flat Tire" is built on an angular bed of noise and interspersed with low, deep rumblings.

Mote032 :: Planetary Assault Systems - Deep Heet Vol. 3

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