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plant worker-beta 12 (blank code)

Price: $9.99


plant worker: beta

ltd repress. Blank Code presents BCR002 - Beta EP from The Plant Worker (also known as A. Trebor), released on 12" vinyl with custom made silk screened jackets and available with an additional track found exclusively on the digital release. Beta 01 represents merciless techno, with a pounding kick and unexpected drops that leave the listener gasping for breath. The Luis Flores remix introduces a subtle swing, making it more danceable than the original while still retaining the ominous tones imbued in the track by The Plant Worker. Beta 02 stumbles in with anxious acid synths and urgent hi-hat patterns, slowly building to a massive climax. Mysterious chimes wandering around the sonic space give a haunting feel to Beta 03, the eery conclusion of the vinyl version of the release. The EP’s digital exclusive, Beta 04, returns the listener to the original themes of Beta 01 – open, reverberating bass accented by the sounds of echoing metallic decay.

BCR002 The Plant Worker - Beta EP

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