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plath-s/t 12 (mannquin)

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plath: s/t

Originally self-released as a 7'' in 1982, Plath's self-titled release is definitely one of the obscure gems of the Italian underground. Plath were a duo from Prato, formed in 1982 by Silvia Innocenti (voice, bass guitar) and Fabrizio Lucarini (synth, drum machine). Plath were influenced by Throbbing Gristle and early Cabaret Voltaire works. A side includes the original single in full, with the classic "I Am Strange Now", recently unearthed by Alessio Natalizia (Not Waving) in his monumental Mutazione (2013). The B side contains a killer percussive edit by Alessandro Adriani made for the most crazy mental dancefloors.

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