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polypores-the fialka transmissions lp (polytechnic youth)

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polypores: the fialka transmissions

Polypores (aka Stephen James Buckley) is based in a tiny home studio in Preston. He conjures up imaginary soundtracks from science fiction films of a bygone age that never existed. Think John Carpenter and Italo-disco filtered through Scarfolk Council’s tannoy system, and heard through a haze of long-banned sedatives and you’re in the right ballpark. “The Fialka Transmissions” was created with 3 analog synthesizers and a sampler. It was inspired by voices picked up on a shortwave radio, a winter spent immersed in dystopian fiction, and the increasing possibility of that fiction becoming a reality. Coldwave synth tones and decrepit dancefloor beats occasionally giving way to moments of decayed melancholy.

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