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polysick-under construction 12 (100% silk)

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polysick: under construction

Visionary Roman hyperrealist Polysick (a.k.a. Egisto Sopor) is one the most inspirationally omnivorous electronic futurists in the biz. From the miasmic sci-fi terrariums of his 2012 opus Digital Native to his scrambled alien radio hijack tape Flow FM to his recent new age metropolis techno-fantasy Daydream, he traverses every sphere with a masterfully warped, expansive and maximalist touch. Under Construction finds him fracking fresh dancefloor terrains: breezy rooftop acid stretched into animal balloons, degenerated house dubs refracted through ’80s video-arcade ambience, jazzy champagne-spritzed 303-dosed loft funk, screwed Barry White samples echoed across the chill-out lounge. Four instant time-travel crate-dug classics by one of today’s most clued-in constructionists

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