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portion control-progress report 1982-1986 2lp (vinyl on demand)

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portion control: progress report 1982-1986

This material from Portion Control clearly demonstrates their early experimentation at the advent of analog electronic machines. The eclectic material ranges from cassette port-a-studio material, recorded in Peckham and Kennington, South London, to high-end studio recordings. Portion Control's punk roots are on display, as the group demonstrates unrivalled creativity and bridges the gap between UK industrial, early ambient, and the formative stages of electronic dance music. The music features rising arpeggiators, proto bass lines (a true Portion Control signature), dark sound design, and recurring beats and rhythms -- many elements that became the bedrock of future darker electronic music. During this highly-charged period, Portion Control established themselves at the forefront of the formative underground UK electronics scene. This double LP contains a selection of tracks from the Raise the Pulse 12" (1983), the Hit the Pulse 12" (1983), the ..Step Forward LP (1984), the Rough Justice 12" (1984), the Go-Talk 12" (1984), the Great Divide LP (1986), the Psycho-Bod Saves the World LP (1986), and the Purge 12" (1986), as well as a previously unreleased tape from 1982 called Kiss Kiss - Sex and live recordings from a 1984 performance in Amsterdam.

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