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powell-club music remixes 12 (diagonal)

Price: $16.99


powell: club music remixes

Cabaret Voltaire legend Richard H. Kirk and Ancient Methods take the skin right off Powell's Club Music killers. Ancient Methods' "Körpersäure 91'" remix of "Club Music" fits Diagonal's fetish for Front 242 with a mighty display of stentorian holler, steel-tipped drums, and acid-guzzling revs, taken to techno-punk extremes on the double-timed, full-body douse of the "Pogo Im Säurebad" remix. Kirk's "Main Mix" of "So We Went Electric" reduces Powell's slugger to a rasping, grinding shadow while retaining its stiff, coiled backbone, and the desiccated "Dub Mix" leaves traces of metaphysical dread from the wild-eyed original in its wake.

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