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prolife-overheated/gold leaves 7 (sacred bones)

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prolife: overheated/gold leaves

We are very pleased to introduce you to Prolife, an anti-suicide band formed out of the ashes of death rock enthusiasts and label alumni Slug Guts. After Slug Guts' last U.S. tour, James Dalgliesh (vocals) and Nicholas Kuceli (saxophone) returned to their flat on Lygon St. in Melbourne, Australia and decided to buy some pedals to make noisy landscapes for the modern asthmatic gentleman to lie awake to at night. Using toy keyboards (and some real ones) they developed minimal two track techno into a set of sprawling song based sets and played some shows with Jonny Telafone, Forces, Asps and Lakes. Their first proper release, this 7", was recorded and produced by themselves with the help of Todd Dixon, who has specifically asked not to be named here. They are planning to record a full-length LP in early 2014.

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