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prostitutes-nouveauree ep (night school)

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prostitutes: nouveauree

2014. the landscape offers no sub-cultures. what's new has been old, olde for a long time. the after school special outcasts are busy pandering for likes, informing us all of what's currently 'killing it' (revisionism|hive mind version), & trading hot button social media views while the great leader continues to bomb the fuck out of innocent people half the world away. one would think in such a climate the urge to create would go beyond modular porn vines & party pics. we must all dig a little deeper. night school delivers here with the latest prostitutes 'ep'. 5 tracks distilled from the alien bass of 'ambient 4: isolationism' & the end of the world police state as foretold by zounds. tekno primitiv sounds for the witch hunt.

track listing: late to take it light, hate's in the city, punk in the street, dragged it home to bed, so goddamn gaunt

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