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psychemagik-ritual chants: beach 2lp (eskimo)

Price: $27.99


psychemagik: ritual chants beach

Ritual Chants is a stellar earthbound and outer space odyssey, respectfully embellishing Psychemagik's taste and passion for the wonderful, the sublime and very often unusual. Ritual Chants skillfully shows insights into applying retro finds into a contemporary setting, much of the material acquired via world tours and capturing the excitement of finding and sharing lost jewels. Compiled by Danny McLewin, the renowned record digger of the duo, Ritual Chants is carefully programmed and sequenced over three double LP releases - also presented as a 3CD set - with three themes: Love, Beach and Dance, all of which tenderly demonstrate curious ears with a respectful nod to the past and the future via touchstones of pre-new age emanations. On Beach, the booming drum machine mechanics of "Hangin' Out In Space" by Tony Wilson is a galactic deep-fried boogie which will have even robots shaking their metal-ware into the long wee hours. The semi discordant funk of Zru Vogue's "Do the Zru", reminiscent of a later era Can, finds its place on Beach as well. Beach also features: El Sueño De Hyparco, Minako Yoshida, Adrian Gurvitz, Hitomi Tohyama, Chagrin D'Amour, Amini, Electric Machine, Jean Guy Ruff, J.M. Black and Danny Boy.

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