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psychic ills/moon duo-zoned/take me with you 7 (sacred bones)

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psychic ills/moon duo: zoned/take me with you

To commemorate the impending Moon Duo LP we are previewing a new track which was recorded at their home studio in Colorado as an outtake during the Circles sessions and then mixed in Berlin. 'Zoned' is hard charging burner which clearly indicates how much this band ups the ante with every new release. 'Take Me With You' finds Psychic Ills locked into a deep repetitive 'choogle' put through the same fried VU meter displayed on their recent Hazed Dream LP, yet clearly moving toward a more straight ahead approach to song writing. The upfront vocals make this easily one of their most catchy songs to date and the right soundtrack for your travels; whether by subway, highway or other means.

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